written in 2015

The corporations (etc financial interests) can only have their way because the US maintains global hegemony with its military (or at least does in theory, in the dominant external view of the world, though the reality of this grows more doubtful). However the infrastructural basis of this appears to be crumbling. The US is in deep debt and spending far beyond its means. The far-right (political representation of the corporations) continues working to dismantle government in favor of loosening the few remaining economic constraints on corporate activity. Productive industries have moved out of the United States, leaving much of what remains to the domestic ‘economy’ devoted to top-down service labor— essentially, recycling cash dollars in a cash economy, a nonproductive, cyclical, wasteful process. Corporations etc only systematically interested in profit neglect the basis on which the entire dominating system is founded. This is possible only in a hyper-integrated, modern world, wherein money acquires an abstract, electronic value.

In tandem is the disrupted and worsening state of the environment. Corporate activity in its constant drive for profits consumes & exploits vast quantities of natural resources, and damages and destroys natural spaces, polluting the earth to maintain its system of operation and to earn what must be short-term profits. But as environmental impacts are increasingly dire, and industrial civilization increasingly devastating— posing true, existential threats to civilization and human and other life on the planet— we are presented with a progressively clear demonstration that the present world economic system, geared towards profit over any sense of living harmoniously on & with the earth–industrial capitalism as it is– is not a realistic, sustainable, or possibly long-term one. Moreover while productive economic labors and industries exist, the structure of the entire one, which through its enormity and pervasiveness delineates the overall economic current on the planet and world economy, is non-productive, profit driven, and not sustainable.

What happens next is unclear but it is clear that humans must live harmoniously and productively on the earth, cooperatively, or not at all.

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